Qt Android: How to pair/bond Bluetooth Low Energy devices?

  • I'm using Qt (and more specifically QLowEnergyController) to search, connect and use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices (see read/notify service's characteristics) on Android.

    One BLE device I want to connect requires bonding (with standard connection, I get limited access to the device...being reported lots GATT_INSUFFICIENT_AUTHENTICATION errors). I could not find any way to initiate authentification procedures in QLowEnergyController API. There is no reference to pairing/bounding/encryption in the API.

    The only reference I found is in QBluetoothLocalDevice which provides a requestPairing but this looks not related to BLE and seems more like a standard bluetooth 3.0 feature (where you had to enter a pairing 4-digit code upon connection). BLE pairing seems more complex and, as far as I understood, may not require any code to be entered (I could connect my BLE device requiring bonding with Nordic's master control panel without entering any code and getting full access to it). Moreover, I did not even use this QBluetoothLocalDevice in my application so far so that's why I feel like this is not meant to be used with BLE devices....but documentation is not very explicit here.

    Is Bluetooth LE pairing/bonding/encryption supported by Qt API? If yes, could someone provide me with an example bonding a device?

  • I would also be interested in knowing the state of bonding. We are developing a wearable technology like fitibit and need the device to connect to our Qt smartphone app automagically when the app i opened.

    Does anybody have the answer for @jporcher

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I'd recommend bringing this question to the interest mailing list, you'll find there the QtConnectivity module developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

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