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Beginning tutorial with embedded

  • Hello forum,

    I have some experiences with Qt4 and Qt5 . Now I would like to get my hands into embedded programming. I can guess that either arduino or raspberry pi may be good to start with . I am not sure though, this is why I ended up here and asking your help.

    Is there any reference or tutorial that helps to get started with embedded programming with Qt5 ?


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    Embedded programming is a bit vast of a subject. What are you planning to develop ?

  • Hi

    I shall try to be a bit more specific now. I shall try to do the following:

    1. Get a recent model of raspberry pi.
    2. Develop a tiny opengl shader application and run on raspberry pi. The OpenGL rendering will be as underlay and Qt5/qml will reside as overlay for user interaction.

    What are the steps(in detail ) I have to go through to achieve as mentioned above. I have already implemented the above as desktop application, and would like to develop and run it to raspberry pi.


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    If you buy a RPi3, you can directly build your application on it and test it.

    If you get an older version, you can still do that but cross-compilation/development will likely be faster. In that case you can take a look at the beginners guide.

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