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Adding ICU support to an existing Qte 5.5 build for webkit support?

  • Hello Qt'perts,

    I would like to add webkit support to my Qt 5.5 build which was originally built without ICU support (because libicu was not installed). I have since installed libicu-dev but I get undefines like "‘iswalnum’ was not declared" when running build-webkit.

    My question is whether in this case I can do an incremental build & install on my existing Qt code in order to get ICU support, or whether I have to rebuild it completely in order to get ICU and webkit.

    Fine print: Qte 5.5.0 on debian/jessie.


    Eric Gilbertson
    Peloton Technology

  • Qt Champions 2017

    ICU goes much deeper than WebKit as far as I know, so you'd need to rebuild everything that remotely references QString and friends (i.e. the QtCore module). So my advice is - make a full rebuild.

    Fine print: Qte 5.5.0 on debian/jessie.

    A precompiled Qt 5.6 should be available through backports though, at least I have that on my stretch.

    Kind regards.

  • @ericg22 You have absolutely no need to rebuild Qt, reply above is complete nonsense.

    Try 5.6.1, or apply the next patch to your QtWebKit. It says "Windows" in commit message, but also fixes assumption that Qt was configured with ICU.

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