how to change IOS Deployment Target?

  • How can we change the iOS deployment target in QT. We are using QT version 5.6 and our requirement is to deploy for iOS 7 and above. The default Project we created was linked against iOS 6 by default. How could we change this? It is required during build process because of the fact that we want to use an external SDK wich requires iOS 7 or above. So it ist not enough to change the iOS Version in the precompiled XCode Project QT creates....

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QMAKE_IOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=7.0 should do the trick.

  • @SGaist Thx that was very helpful. Maybe you can help me by the second Problem. We need to add some additional linker Flag to the xcode budl process. is it also possible to set it direct in QT?

    wen want to set additional params for this xCode Flag: "Other Linker Flags" it would be great if this is also possible out of QT without the change of environment to xcode.

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    What flag is it ?

    By the way, it's Qt. QT stands for Apple QuickTime which you might also be interested in.

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