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Qt5 on Windows Embedded Standard 7 P

  • Hi,
    I need to know if an application build on a Win7 pro 64bits Core i7 PC will run under a Windows Embedded Standard 7P Atom Based Industrial PC.
    Is there some limitations in Qt library between those 2 OS ?
    Is there something special to do for deployement ?
    Precision : This app have no Gui.

    I have a license for QT commercial Desktop Single OS. I use Qt5.2 within visual studio 2012 under win7 pro 64 bits.
    Is my environnement compatible with my need ?


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I don't have experience with the Windows Embedded platform but does your use case fit in the description here ?

  • Hi,

    My case doesn't really fit this description, because Windows CE is only 32 bits compatible.
    I think it's pretty different from Windows Embedded Standard 7p 64bits.
    Regarding the custom SDK, I have no idea. I will ask to the manufacturer.
    From Microsoft point of view, the only fail issue that can exist, will concern the graphic capabilities. In my case, I don't have Gui on my application, so it will be ok.

    My last interrogation is about Qt. Will I have an error message like this "this is not a valid Windows Embedded application" ?


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    Then since you have a commercial license, I'd recommend checking directly with the Qt Company.

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