Problem with QMap

  • Hi all. I am using the class in the snippet below to pass several parameters to a function

    #include <QMap>
    #include <QString>
    #include <QDebug>
    #define MAC_KEY             "mac"
    #define IP_KEY              "ip"
    #define CST2220_APK_KEY     "cst2220apk"
    #define BWS_APK_KEY         "bwsapk"
    #define VIDEX_FOLDER_KEY    "videx_folder"
    class Cst2220ConfigParameterMap : public QMap<const char *,QString>
        Cst2220ConfigParameterMap(  QString mac,
                                    QString ip,
                                    QString cst2220_apk_path,
                                    QString bws_apk_path,
                                    QString videx_folder_path);

    I have a strange problem. I can retry the key-value pair only within the constructor and not from outside.

    if( this->contains(MAC_KEY))...

    return true.

         Cst2220ConfigParameterMap par(mMacAddrMan->getMac(),mIpAddrMan->getIp(),pathCST2220Apk,pathBWSApk,pathVidexFolderApk);
         if( par.contains(MAC_KEY))

    returns false!!!!

    What am i doing wrong?

    I'm getting crazy!

    thank you for helping me

    Cristiano Narcisi

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    @cristiano.narcisi said:


    can you show the cpp of the constructor also?
    How you add the items.

    Inheriting from Qmap is a bit funky for me as with STL that was normally
    not super idea. but i dont know with QList. :)

  • thanks @mrjj

    here the constructor

    Cst2220ConfigParameterMap::Cst2220ConfigParameterMap( QString mac,
    QString ip,
    QString cst2220_apk_path,
    QString bws_apk_path,
    QString videx_folder_path) : QMap(){



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    Ok, it does look perfect valid.

    have you tried
    qDebug() << size(); (in ctor)
    qDebug() << par.size(); (right after u define par)

  • Ok. But what does it happen when the function is contains(..key..)?

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    it looks like outside of constructor the key list is no more.
    i wanted to see if it says
    zero for par.

  • @mrjj

    Ok but it is very strange. I give you another information: i can view all the key-value pair stored into the par variable using the watches of the editor!!!!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    OK ?!?! That also pretty strange.

    what about size inside and out?

  • @mrjj

    Size outside the ctor is correct. It is 5!!!

  • Using the iteartor i can view all the values stored in the QMap .... Probably i don't understand something of very important about how QMap acceses the data.
    //your code here

     QMap<const char *, QString>::ConstIterator ii;
     for( ii = par.constBegin(); ii != par.constEnd(); ++ii )
       qDebug() << ii.key() << " = " << ii.value();```

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    ok ?!?

    I think you should try dump the list using par to see if key corruption
    else there is no reason contains should not work.

  • @mrjj

    Probably i have understood why i can retry the key. The problem is that i am using

    QMap< const char *, QString> 

    This means that the key is a POINTER and not the text !!!

    I have replaced the QMap template with

    QMap< QString, QString>

    Now the key is an ITEM and not a POINTER and i can find all the keys and the value stored within the QMap.

    Sorry for bothering you

    Thanks for hepling me


    Cristiano Narcisi

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    Inheriting from Qmap is a bit funky

    It's specially noted in the docs that deriving from a container specialization is not recommended. That's probably what seems funky ;)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    ok so
    #define MAC_KEY "mac"
    used as key did funky stuff?

    good found :)

  • Qt Champions 2017

    @mrjj said:

    used as key did funky stuff?

    The only funky stuff with that macro is that char * doesn't have a meaningful operator <, which is required for it to be a key in the map. The comparison is done as you'd compare integers.

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