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debuger not find error compiling qt mobile app?

  • I downloaded qt opensource (5.4). android sdk + ndk 9 and ndk11.
    I can create qtquick for desktop. but making qtquick for android, I recive debugger not found. There are red marks on kits on ndk11. When I build app I encounter errors says: "unexpected (expecting ")")". with ndk9 kits are fine but still same error in compile time. I trid qtcreator4beta but not running in my i686 debian

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    IIRC ndk11 has brought several changes that are a bit breaking. You should take a look at which version it is currently.

  • @siaswar May be I did not install that right. I changed my debian to a 64-bit and installed everything again. using ndk9 is now greate

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