QAssistant is empty

  • I have installed Qt with the new Online Installer (I used to use the Offline installer) on OSX El-Capitan.

    I notice that QAssistant is empty and doesn't reference the qch files, which are correctly placed in QTDIR/Docs. I think that's also why QtCreator doesn't autocomplete and doesn't have any doc.

    Is it a known bug? I have tried to uninstall and reinstall it, same. Thanks for your help

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    Strange, what if you manually add the documentation ?

  • Manually adding a .qch adds it to the Assistant. But I would have to manually add all the .qch =S

    Apparently it's not known...

  • Ok now... I can see many docs (via F1) on QtCreator, but I don't have some autocomplete. For instance, QUuid::createUuid(), .toString isn't autocompleted but is working (and headers are present).

    Any idea?

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    Which version did you install ?

  • 5.6 via online installer. I've only checked the minimum, but there is no checkbox about docs (anyway, they are installed).

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    That's strange. Clean install or update ?

  • @SGaist Clean install. I mean, I firstly remove all components, then install normally

  • Finally, I have fresh installed it with Offline Installer, and it's working as expected. It seems isolated, so maybe nothing.

    Thank you for having tried ;)

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