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[Qt-for-device] Is possible to build auto-update app?

  • Hello all.

    Our client wants to include auto-update feature in our qt-for-device project.

    Basically we have to manage 3 scenarios:

    • With auto-update option enable: If a new version is available, device will download it and reboot to install or install and reboot.
    • With auto-update option disable and new remote version available: From control panel when a new versión is available in our server , launch auto-udpate as above.
    • With auto-update option disable and new local version available: When user connect device by USB possibility to update it from new image.

    We are ver newbies in QT+device so now we are a bit scared with this project.

    Any idea/suggestions about how to implement it?.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What kind of device are you targeting ?

  • Hi SGaist.

    Thank you very much.

    We are focusign in rasperry pi 2/3 but also compatible with more cheaper or more powerful alternatives devices. All compatibles with QT device, odf course.

    Best regadrs,

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    All running full-blown linux distributions ? e.g. debian

  • Hi SGaist.

    We are a bit confused about how to handle/resolve this issue with boot-to qt.

    We understand that with qt creator we can burn "project-image" to flash drive on device.

    But what about update image?. No overwrite data only project binaries and libraries.

    Idea is that end user update/upgrade device from an options in our interface i if a new version is available (http) or manually from USB.

    Can we do it with qt-for-device?.

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    I don't know whether Boot2Qt offers a ready-made module for that. You should contact the Qt Company directly since it's licensed product.

    That being said, it shouldn't prevent you to apply your own updates. There are framework available for that like for example KDAB's KDUpdater

  • Thank you very much Hi SGaist.

    KDUpdate will work perfectly, target host is rasperry pi 2 so is quite stable to think that no mant system updates need to apply in the future.

    Best regard,

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