Could not parse server response. Protocol failure.

  • I am trying to install latest Qt using qt-unified-windows-x86-2.0.3-online.exe.
    After entering my e-mail and password I get the message:
    "Could not parse server response. Protocol failure."

    I am capable to login using mentioned credential directly on the web site.
    I do use administrative account.

    Any idea how to fix it?

    Best regards,

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    I just tested with the maintenance tool and got through. Got any network hiccups ?

  • Still does not work for me.
    The only thing I can imagine - security software our company runs.

    So I downloaded offline installation package which install Qt for VS 2013.
    It seems it has its own issue - I can't debug QML even though examples are built can be run without debugger. Fails with Could not run message box.: { the slave debugging engine required for combined QML/C++.. .Unknown debugger type "No engine" }, Should debugger for QML be installed by default? Probably deserve separate topic.

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    Did you install the debugging tools from Microsoft ? Yes, the debugger is an installation separated from MSVC

  • @SGaist said:

    Did you install the debugging tools from Microsoft ?

    I take it back.
    Even I have VS Professional and installed separate debugger problem is not solved.

    This time message clearly says:
    Unable to create a debugger engine of the "QML C++ engine".

  • Also it looks like original installation problem is related to either installer or account.
    When I created a new account online installer works, but existing accounts (personal and for work) did not.
    Now I will have 3 accounts and it seems if I want to use online installer I would need even more.
    In attempt to re-run online installer after successful installation, it rejects to use my 3rd account information even though it remembers password and login.

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    That's strange, you should contact @tekojo about that account matter.

  • Thanks, contacted @alex_malyu directly.

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