This plugin does not support setting window opacity

  • Hi all,
    I am trying to use opacity animation on my beagle bone like target, when I am running the code I am getting the above message
    "This plugin does not support setting window opacity"
    I have tried to search that on the WEB but I didn’t find any related issue.
    Can anyone tell me what the missing plugin for my target is? (On my fedora it's working great!)

    Best regards,

    //Summery of my code is
    MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent)
        QPropertyAnimation *animation;
        animation = new QPropertyAnimation (myWidgetPage, "windowOpacity", this);
    void MainWindow::startAnimation()

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    It's not a problem of missing plugin. This message just tells you that the plugin you are using doesn't provide that feature.

  • Hi and thanks for replaying,
    Anything I can do to change it and support opacity?

  • @IL

    I am not sure if you can apply stylesheet to your animation object, but in my app i applied opacity with background:rgba(0-256, 0-256, 0-256, 0-1 (opacity))

  • Hello,
    I want my window to appear after action and disappear slowly using window opacity, actually currently I am implement volume bar window that when changing the volume the volume bar appear and after 3 seconds it start to disappear.
    I assume that if you are using stylesheet opacity so you probably holding fix window opacity, am I correct?


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    You should give more details about the device and Qt backend you are using.

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