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Confused about Code Signing on Mac OSX

  • I'm confused about code signing on Mac OSX.

    See, in the Windows world, you typically get an expensive Symantec EV certificate to code sign because that seems to be the only thing that passes the muster of IE and Chrome, given enough downloads from different IP addresses. (I mean, any other code signing cert usually gives you grief in getting past the IE and Chrome filter.)

    So, in the Mac world, they want you to get an Apple Organizational Developer ID at $99 USD/year to sign your applications. Okay, fine, but then do I need to codesign yet again (if that's even possible) with the expensive Symantec EV certificate in order to get past the IE and Chrome filter?

    If you've done this process, I could use a hand in understanding the steps and the command line things I must type. Also, what parts do I code sign -- any executables in my application plus the setup too?

    Note -- we do not plan to issue our application through the Apple AppStore -- only our website.

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    Even if not through the App Store, it's better to sign your application so people know where it comes from.

    What's not clear is why would you need to do a second signing of your application with e.g. a Symantec certificate. What did make you think that ?