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QWebEngine not for Android

  • Today i tried to evaluate Qt5.6 for Android.
    Especially i thought that QWebEngine especially QWebEngineView would be available for Android.
    But to my disappointment it seems to be missing.
    See also "Qt Add-Ons" -> "Qt WebEngine Widgets" in
    which is only available on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

    Question: Will QWebEngineWidgets be available for Android at some point in the future or not?

    Back in Qt4.8 the unofficial Ministro from Bogdan Vatra provided QWebView support with Webkit on Android.

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    The reason for both QtWebKit and QtWebEngine not being available for Android (and iOS for that matter) is a platform restriction that impose the use of the native web view of the respective OS so independent of Qt.

    One alternative for these OSs is to use the QtWebView module which provide a simple wrapper around native web views.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thank you for the link to the qwebservice wrapper.
    Up to now i did not go into details but i could only find QObject but not QWidget within the sources.

    Thus i assume that this is for QML use only.
    I will step into more details to see if i can use it from a QWidget based application.

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    You could use QQuickWidget

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