[ADVICE]. WHICH is the BEST choice for video buffer and display method?

  • Dear all embedded professional,
    I would like to get video frame buffer and display on LCD screen.
    How data transfer method that is the best choice for video buffer and display in my case?
    I have a plan to use PIPE method. I use 2 pipes, one for data (video) frame transfer and one for controlling commands.
    My platform is a KIT using DSP (DM3730, Arm cortex A8). Linux distro built based on Yocto Project.
    The block diagram like this:

    Camera --> DSP kit (Yocto Linux OS)--> LCD touch-screen.

    Thank you very much!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You question's not really clear, are you searching for advices on how to do it with Qt or just in general ? If the former, you'll be interested by the QtMultimedia module.

  • Dear sir,
    I would like to know How to do it with Qt (Use which module?)
    I wanna get the data (video frame buffer) which is processed by DSP and then display it on Qt application form.

    Thank for your reply sir!

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    Like I wrote, QtMultimedia would be a starting point.

    Do you already have an API to get these DSP processed video frame buffer ?

  • Thank your sir!
    I'm going to discover QtMultimedia module on Qt 4.7

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    4.7 ? Then you will have to take a look at the Qt Mobility module.

    If you are locked to the Qt 4 series, please upgrade to at least 4.8.7. If not locked then consider using Qt 5.6.0 which just got released and is LTS.

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