QtWebkit failed to build in Linux for RaspBerry PI

  • Hello,

    I am not able to compile Qt 5.4.1 Webkit module in Linux for Raspberry PI. Everything build proper except webkit. Whenever, I tried to compile, It was broken and shows me following error.

    Project ERROR: WebKit requires SQLite. Either make it available via pkg-config, set $SQLITE3SRCDIR or build WebKit under qt5.git.

    After setting $SQLITE3SRCDIR environment variable , It started to build and braked again with following error.
    fatal error: sqlite3.h No such file or directory. compilation terminated.
    I have changed cmake files and pri files of webkit but still getting same error. If any body have any idea regarding it, Then please help me. I will appreciate your help.


    Tushar Kachhadiya

  • Moderators

    Do you build for Raspbian? And do you build directly on the RPI?
    If so then just install libsqlite3-dev package.

  • Hi,

    Yes, I am building it for Raspbian but I am not building it directly on RPI. My host OS is Linux.


    Tushar Kachhadiya

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