QT Embedded autostart Problem

  • Hi Folks!

    Im using an embedded board with an IMX287 CPU and I have a custom designed Yocto(Poky) with kernel version 3.17 running on it. I used core-image-sato as Image recipe and have also included qt4-embedded on it.

    I wrote an diashow like demo program which reads out some files and depending on the file value it shows some pictures after a button click. When I start the program manually with the option -qws it works fine.

    Now I want to start the programm automaticly after booting.
    I wrote an bash script (demo.sh) which I included into /etc/init.d and added it to the boot routine with "update-rc.d demo.sh start 99 3"( I boot into runlevel 3 with no xserver). So it starts automaticly after the booting as the last Program.

    Here is the problem: After the start ,theprogram looks like normaly. But after a touch on the touchscreen , it kind of crashes: The mouse disappers and the buttons does not react. Todebug I used some labels to show me some function Values. I can see that a function which is called by a timer every 50ms is working and some touchpoints get detected. But no reaction at some functions and after clicking a button.

    In the bash I start the program in background with "./demo -qws &" so the bootroutine can finish.

    greetings and thanks in advance

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    IIRC you should have a skeleton of start script that you can follow in order to make your application start more integrated in your system.

    Hope it helps

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