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How to change the map type of a simple QML map component?

  • Hi,

    I am can see a map using QML Map object with QtLocation5.5. But not being able to generate different map types like satellite or hybrid.

    Here is the code I tried.

    Plugin {
        id: mapPlugin
        name: "here"
        PluginParameter { name: "here.app_id"; value: "****" }
        PluginParameter { name: "here.token"; value: "*****" }
            id: hereMap
            anchors.fill: parent
            plugin: mapPlugin

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you check with supportedMapTypes that you have access to other map types ?

  • Thank you @SGaist ,

    When I checked with supportedMApTypes, all i get is,

    qml: 0: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2707e70)
    qml: 1: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x270d600)
    qml: 2: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2710400)
    qml: 3: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2713220)
    qml: 4: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2715e90)
    qml: 5: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2718cb0)
    qml: 6: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x271b660)
    qml: 7: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2699bf0)
    qml: 8: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2dad4e0)
    qml: 9: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2db2270)
    qml: 10: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26c7070)
    qml: 11: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26cf060)
    qml: 12: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26cfa70)
    qml: 13: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26c6c20)
    qml: 14: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2dada50)
    qml: 15: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26da130)
    qml: 16: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26e43a0)
    qml: 17: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2db2810)
    qml: 18: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x2db2900)
    qml: 19: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26e8450)
    qml: 20: QDeclarativeGeoMapType(0x26f3ae0)

  • @nmnandakishore You could have a try with the following snippets, to list the available map type

                   title:"map types"
                       onCurrentIndexChanged: hereMap.activeMapType = hereMap.supportedMapTypes[currentIndex]

    if this is doesn't work neither, have a try with OpenStreetMap plugin, using "osm" as name.

  • Thanks @Charby, It worked. :)

  • @nmnandakishore You are welcome.
    By the way, you might be interested in viewing this post containing the materials used during my last meetup which was focus on QtLocation - you could find helpful tips for managing maps, point of interests and route.