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Qt/QML Workshop materials

  • I am animating a monthly Meetup at Nantes (France) to help federating Qt users, discuss about good practices and help newbies having a better learning curve. Every meetup is composed of a short introduction presentation and then followed by a workshop (various topics such using Camera, QtLocation module, sounds processing, computer vision...). Actually, this meetup is quite new and we only had 3 sessions so far but feedbacks were very positive...

    I guess there are numbers of similar regular workshop in the world, but I haven't found a place where organizer could share their workshop material to avoid reinventing the wheel. That's the raison I am creating this topic : so that we can share knowledge, materials, propose workshop topic, give experience feedbacks etc...what do you think ?

  • I will start sharing our last meetup materials :

    • introduction - a short presentation (10-15mn) to have everyone having a minimal understanding of what mobile development, Qt and QML are...
    • the workshop - the topic was playing with QtPositioning and QtLocation modules : create a map, manage it, add static content, add POI using a model, a webservice and process route (actually for some reason I haven't been able to get the route working properly).

    Feedbacks on this workshop were very positive. In fact, its content could have been splitted in 2 meetups.

  • Our february meetup session materials are now available.
    This time, the workshop topic was the management of the Camera in QML - it is also the opportunity to see how to extend QML by creating new types in QML or C++.
    The demo project can be found here. To demonstrate the C++ integration with QML, it contains a QR code reader using QZXing.

    The next meetup topic (end of March) should be the new Qt quick controls 2.

  • All workshop materials were bookmarked. They're very helpful. Thanks!

    I hope there's also a small group workshop/meetup here in Rome, where i can join. :)

  • @literA2 Thanks for your warm support ! Why don't you then your own meetup (or similar) in Rome ? We could share materials, experience and good practices. I have started the meetup in Nantes only 3 months ago but it is definitely a great experience to get to know others playing with Qt in the same area...

  • Our March meetup session materials are now available.
    This time, the workshop aim was to discover the Qt.controls.labs. This time, I didn't create a new project for the workshop but used the Gallery example.