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Creator button grouping

  • I am trying to develop an app in Qt Creator right now and I am having trouble with a signal. I have a Dial that I want to control a group of push buttons. Basically the idea would be as the dial turns, it selects the appropriate button, but I am having trouble setting up the signal and slot to do this. I'm not sure how to group these buttons, and possibly it is because I am doing this through the GUI in Creator and not by had coding it. Any ideas?

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    There's no need to write everything by hand, however the slot implementation (i.e. selection of the button in your case), you'll have to write yourself.

  • So I am assuming that I need to declare what I want in the header file and implement the connection in the mainwindow.cpp file? My C++ is rusty but it looks like I write it like a normal class, and instantiate it in the .cpp

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    You should then take a look at the Creator Using Qt Designer doc to get on the right track.

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