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App developed on Qt with XCode on iOS rejected by Apple Store team

  • We have created an App with Qt 3.5.1 and XCode 7.2 on iOS, and it runs very well on IPhone 4 (iOS 9.1) and IPhone 6 (iOS 8.3) (Simple application with Bluetooth communication).
    But our App has been rejected 3 times by the Apple Store validation team, with the following reason : "Exception type : EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)" and "Exception Subtype : KERN_invalid_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000000" "Triggered by Thread: 0"
    Who can help us to resolve the problem and to ensure that our App will be accepted by Apple Store ? (forum members or society, XCode developers...).
    Thank you.

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    Looks like a segmentation fault (null pointer?). Did you try the same package you uploaded to app store on your hardware? Is this all information you get from Apple?

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    seems like the app is crashing for them. So the reason is to figure out why.
    Don't they provide a stack trace of the crash?

    Also you can try to upgrade the used Qt version, since a lot of stuff happens during major releases especially in the mobile section.