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How to specify the name of the apk built

  • Hi,

    I want to build an apk for an android tablet.
    Is that possible to specify the name of the apk built in the .pro file ?

    Something like : (for the app's)

    # specify the app name
    TARGET  = "AppName"


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    It's all described here

  • Thank you SGaist for you reply,

    So if I understand well, by reading the article, the only variables we can set in the .pro file are :

    • ANDROID_DEPLOYMENT_DEPENDENCIES : the dependencies of the application
    • ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR : a directory to add or modify the default Android package
    • ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS : a list of external libraries that will be copied into the application's library folder and loaded on start-up. (can be used, for instance, to enable OpenSSL in the application)
    • ANDROID_EXTRA_PLUGINS : This variable can be used to specify different resources that your project has to bundle

    There's no way to specify the apk name in the .pro file, right ?


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    AFAIK, no you can't. Look at Editing Manifest Files for that part

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