Error: 'class QTextBrowser' has no member named 'setSizeAdjustPolicy'

  • Hi,

    I put my dialog window the QTextBrowser and manualy in properties window I set the verticalScrollBarPolicy and horizontalScrollBarPolicy to be on. When I try to compile I get an error that says;

    error: 'class QTextBrowser' has no member named 'setSizeAdjustPolicy'

    Any help please?

    Kind Reagrds,

  • Moderators

    Qt documentation says: This property was introduced in Qt 5.2.
    Which Qt version do you use?

  • @jsulm I am using;

    Qt Creator 3.3.1 (opensource) Based on Qt 5.4.1 (GCC 4.6.1, 32 bit.

    And my .pro file set it to;

    QT += core gui

    greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets

    But for my board my compiler is set to;

    Qt version 4.8.3 for Embedded Linux

    Kind Regards

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    You cannot use setSizeAdjustPolicy in Qt 4.8
    You need at least Qt 5.2

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