[HELP] I can not load surface when running game on android emulator

  • Hello everyone!

    I follow these tutorial http://v-play.net/doc/vplay-entity-concept/, when I run this on Desktop, it fine.
    When I run on the android emulator I got error below

    W/VPong   ( 1327): (null):0 ((null)): Can't find surface 3
    W/EGL_emulation( 1327): eglSurfaceAttrib not implemented
    W/OpenGLRenderer( 1327): Failed to set EGL_SWAP_BEHAVIOR on surface 0xa39b4040, error=EGL_SUCCESS
    W/VPong   ( 1327): (null):0 ((null)): Can't find surface 3 

    Please help me to fix this error. Thanks very much

    W/VPong ( 1327): (null):0 ((null)): Can't find surface 3

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you are following their tutorial, I'd recommend asking this question directly on the V-Play forum. They are more likely to answer questions about the material they provide.

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