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PySide 1.0.3 - "comigo": Python for Qt released!

  • PySide 1.0.3 - "comigo": Python for Qt released!
    The PySide team is proud to announce another minor release of PySide project.

    Major changes

    • PySide official supported on MeeGo 1.2 DE (continuous update);
    • Several bug fixes (list below);
    • New Class 'ClassInfo': used to replace Q_CLASSINFO macro;
    • Now the number of signals and slots are limitless;
    • Support for Qt 4.5 is back;
    • Bugzilla theme fix (Lovely bug is back);

    About PySide
    PySide is the Nokia-sponsored Python Qt bindings project, providing access to
    not only the complete Qt 4.7 framework but also Qt Mobility, as well as to
    generator tools for rapidly generating bindings for any C++ libraries.

    The PySide project is developed in the open, with all facilities you'd expect
    from any modern OSS project such as all code in a git repository [1], an open
    Bugzilla [2] for reporting bugs, and an open design process [3]. We welcome
    any contribution without requiring a transfer of copyright.

    List of bugs fixed
    798 Doc generator could show "since" attribute.
    844 Crash in QGraphicsItem::toGraphicsObject when printing obj reference
    857 64bit Windows build broken
    840 Shiboken prints "Can't find type resolver for 9QMacStyle"
    826 Segmentation fault when geting custom event type
    829 Segfault in Shiboken::Converter<QVariant>::toCpp(_object*) when converting dict with non-string keys to QVariant
    834 Segfault on childEvent
    835 pyside breaks descriptor protocol
    839 QTest::touchEvent causes Python crash.
    841 QStandardItem::clone and QStandardItemModel::setItemPrototype
    854 implementing getitem in QAbstractItemModel leads to endless loop.
    786 There's no eq for all classes inherited from ObjectDescription<T> due to an Apiextractor bug.
    797 error on ui file load
    813 Can not override connect method when subclassing QObject
    825 Can't register a class using that uses metaclasses in QML using qmlRegisterType
    849 Support for Qt4.5
    634 It is not possible mock any Qt functions with PySide. Always raises TypeError...
    716 QPersistentModelIndex isn't convertible to QModelIndex
    847 Slots on QDeclarativeView subclass can't be called from QML/JavaScript
    381 apiextractor segfaults when building on MeeGo (Gcc-4.5.0-3.8)
    606 add function to convert QPoint/QPointF/QSize/... to (and from) tuple
    615 QTransform.quadToQuad should have a 2-argument version
    654 repr of enums should be more Pythonic
    722 float vs. qreal conflict in new-style-signals
    785 QItemSelection operators inherited from QList<QItemSelectionRange> missing
    809 QtCore.QSysInfo "empty"
    820 Slots cannot receive signal when another decorator is present
    828 Multiple QDirModel/QFileSystemModel bugs
    417 Support nested naming of flags
    686 Request to make Q[Mutex|Read|Write]Locker context managers
    803 QWebElementCollection.operator[] is not implemented
    807 Bugzilla theme doesn't link back to website
    851 Shiboken recognizes dereference operator overload as times operator overload.
    312 Limit of 50 on dynamic slots
    505 CppObject was destroyed before del be called
    629 Certain types of QObject properties cannot be accessed from QML without being wrapped in a QVariant
    680 QDateTimeEdit.setDate() doesn't accept Python datetime instances
    705 PySide should provide an equivalent to Q_CLASSINFO macro.
    725 Is not possible to set custom curve function in QEasingCurve
    808 Bugzilla theme is different from the original web site
    810 QtOpenGL Ubuntu package for ARM
    830 QAbstractItemModel is not linked from QTreeView page
    806 Lovely bug is missing

    All tarball files are available on PySide Download page[4].


    PySide Team

  • Sounds really cool.
    Is it possible to use it with Python 3?

  • PySide does not support python 3.x yet. but we intent to have this soon.

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