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Cross platform architecture question

  • I'm evaluating Qt for a multi-platform tool that will need to utilize QtPlugins on OSX/Linux/Windows.

    What I wanted to know is that, as long as I package the QtPlugins along with my iOS/Android app(s), these QtPlugins will work on mobile? (Android/iOS)

    Clearly downloading them separately or dropping extra plugins in later (which is easy to do on Linux/OSX/Windows) would not be very compliant with the iOS app store - but I wanted to check and ensure that by going with Qt for my solution framework that properly designed/implemented QtPlugins would work on mobile.

    I have been looking into the docs, but there's not much about plugins (because they're pretty simple really) and nothing I've seen appears to limit them in such a way as to suggest they work on platform A but not on platform B, et cetera.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    As long as you write your plugins in a cross-platform way then there's nothing forbidding you to use them on mobile. Just be aware that currently the iOS build is static so it will require some additional steps.

  • Thanks! I am looking forward to creating a POC with Qt.

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