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Qt5 QOpengGLWidget ios

  • now I use Qt5.5.1 as my tool. Before, I developed a android application , use QOpenGLWidget to render yuv,and it work well both on windows and android moblie。 now , I change the platform to ios, after resolvng some problems, it worked。it looks everything is ok in simulator ,but when I make it running in my iphone 6 , something wrong. Since I need several windows to show video, the application show 4 window at first, but in my moble it not work fluently when I switch UI window even I haven't make it to show video, if I want to show video, it work worse. I find a strange phenomenon, if I make it show only one window, it work well. after checking my code I find a phenomenon. in the subclass of QOpenGLWidget, the paintGL() do the draw, and the
    glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT ); is used to clean buffer, and it is important. But if I disable the code, switch UI window work fluently, video can't be show.
    in addition, my all widgets are on the QGraphicsView and QGraphicsScene , as I need them to achieve a animation effect .
    I confused, how can I to solve this problem.
    I am a newer, not familiar with many thing, forgive my poor english.

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    To be sure I understand you correctly: are you trying to show 4 OpenGL widgets on a QGraphicsView ?

  • @SGaist

    yes,the QGraphicsView is a backgound, but it is not a must, I can remove it,only use QWidget as a base。 I think the problem may caused by OpenGL ,I commit a demo for test in a QtBug report hoping someone can help me。

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