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Exclude Frameworks with macdeployqt

  • I'm trying to reduce my application download size. I'm not using the following APIs. How can I make it such that when I run macdeployqt, it doesn't include the frameworks for those APIs?

    • QtQml.framework
    • QtQuick.framework
    • QtWebChannel.framework (I'm using the webkit and webkit bridge, so I assume I don't need the QtWebChannel framework?)
    • QtMultimedia.framework
    • QtMultimediaWidgets.framework
    • QtSensors.framework
    • QtOpenGL.framework

  • I found the answer. The problem is that the QtWebKit.framework bundle requires some of these other ones, even though I might not be using them. The only fix would be to acquire the QtWebKit.framework project, remove the QML and Quick dependencies, recompile, swap that framework bundle out of my project after macdeployqt, and then remove the QML and Quick framework bundles.

    Long story short, that ain't happening. Not worth my time because it's super difficult.