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Keeping the normal build system of my project...?

  • Hello everyone, new user here from Montréal, Canada.

    I'm programming a small game in C (not C++), the project uses standard autotools / gnu make for build management. The project has a somewhat modular approach, with the UI code being one module that has several "sub-modules", one for each interface type possible. Right now, only a bare-bones textmode interface and a GTK3 interface are implemented. I kind of lost patience with GTK3's problems with portability, so i'm strongly considering adding a QT interface.

    The problem is with the build system: i'm not writing "a QT application", i'm using QT as one of the possible interface types for my application. So, i'd really like to keep my build system as-is, and not switch everything to qmake. What i'd consider ideal is to use qmake to compile (but not link) the QT component, and then link that from autotools/make. Is this possible?

    Thanks very much for any advice.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    While it might be doable, I'd recommend using a build manager either CMake like suggested by @debian, QBS or qmake. You'll have an easier way to handle your project and its submodules (not to mention that it will also make your life easier if changing OS to build your project).

    Note that you can use qmake for non-Qt project without a problem.