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Incorrect Toolchain with Xcode

  • Hello I had two versions of Xcode installed (6.4 and 7.1) and was using code-select to choose between them. I ran into a few issues and decided to get rid of Xcode 6.4. Now whenever I try and build a project in Qt I get an Xcodebuild failed error. When I try and build in Xcode I get Command /Applications/Xcode6.4/ failed with exit code 71. This clearly does not work because Xcode 6.4 is no longer there but I cannot find anyplace or technique to get change this in Qt. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Qt and looked at all the settings I can find.

    How can I point it to the correct version of Xcode? Thanks.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you regenerate the Xcode project after deleting Xcode 6.4 ?

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