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License check failed! Giving up ...

  • Hi,
    I’m evaluating Qt and I have a little problem.
    Firstly I have tried Qt to develop a small Android application and it worked fine.
    Secondly I have tried to develop a small Windows phone application and it is always the same message : « :-1: erreur : License check failed! Giving up ... ».
    I don’t understand why. I think it is a problem of configuration ?
    I have Visual Studio 2013 and I have develop some windows phone application in this environment.
    I would like to use Qt to develop an application which works on Android and WP.
    Can you help me and give a way about my stumbling block.

    Best regards

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Unless I'm mistaken you are using Qt for WinRT, right ? If so then this page might be of interest.

    Hope it helps

  • me too
    and I selected all kits
    however it also mentioned License check failed

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