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Interface for Gesture Controlled Prototype

  • Hello all of you computer geniusses,

    I#ve never studied Informatics and have a huge task to manage (of which I think that there must be an easy solution). For my Masters i created an infotainment prototype, which consists of a lot of different images. The task is now to link all these different images together, so that they can be controlled by a API with a gesture sensor. These sensors provide me with boolean operators (true/false). So for example i have 4 directions into which i can swipe with my hand and therefore 4 variables of which every single one if true should link to the next image, where there are new gestures linking to even more images...

    I hope it is somehow clear, what i want to do?

    I already used Qlabel funktions an pixmap to display a picture in the mainwindow. the question is, how can i link to another one or does anybody have any idea how i could display pictures in the mainwindow after a certain operation?

    THank you very very much ahead !


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Since you never studied informatics, I'd recommend doing your work with QML + QtQuick, that will make it really easier for the GUI part.

    As for your gesture controller, how are you getting the information to your application ?

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    Hi and welcome
    Sounds a bit fancy. :)

    So for each image,
    it should link to 4 other images that links to 4 other images etc?

    Do you already have the link info in some form ?

  • Hey there,

    both of you thank you so much for your quick reply... Had to change my Email Adress cause the forum hasn't been working...

    @SGaist : I'm working together with two commilitones, who get me the API via LeapMotion and Kinect. Both Programms have very easy to use SDKs included, but our main task now is to put these outputs together with an interface, which consists of multiple images. All i want to do in the end is use these outputs to go through my set of images like in a power point presentation...

    @mrjj : So maybe Iit was a bit confusing. The action is the following: I as the user see an image (a prototypical output of my infpotainment system, for example a list view with navigation, media, map, info as menu points). Then I perform a gesture (e.g. swiping my hand to the right) . This gesture is recognized by leap motion or kinect and produces a string output like "swipe right". If this swipe right is ben put out the program should kn ow which image it should link to next , for example an image where the navigation is active and the user sees the navigation menu points....

    Thanks again so much for the quick reply!!! :)

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    so for each Image, it can link to 4 other images and so on ?

    It would be very easy to display the image in a Qlabel but you
    need to load the link info somehow.

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    Sounds more like a grid setup where one image is shown at a time.

    If you do it with QLabel, you could have a 2 dimensional array holding your images e.g. QVector<QVector<QPixmap>> and a QPoint holding the current position in the array. So when you receive the gesture result e.g. swipe right you know that you can do point.x += 1and the put the QPixmap at that coordinate on the label.