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Qt Developping For Linux

  • Hello guys, today I try to answer on a question I have about the Qt development for Linux.
    Some time ago they replied to me that I did not have to Cross-Compiling for different versions of Linux, since the bottom is all the same.
    But in some tests, the app versions I made generated in Debian8 and Ubuntu15.04 LTS, do not run on other PCs with Ubuntu 4.15 LTS or 14.
    I'm generating my App with Qt Static (5.5 Everywere and 5.6 Alpha), and the mistake I encounter the terminals are:
    ./Pandora: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6: Version `CXXABI_1.3.8 'not found (required by ./Pandora)
    In the case are non-Qt libraries. For that mistake I see is the version, since it is assumed that a newer version of Ubuntu has updated some libs. But what puzzles me is that in previous versions of my program, it did not happen. I generated binary that ran in other Ubuntu machines quietly. But out of nowhere, now no longer work.
    In the case of Ubuntu, I'd better generate torque in Ubuntu14 to ensure compatibility?
    I still can not test other Linux versions, I found that my notebook're not holding run virtual machines as well. But I must resolve this problem soon.
    So what do you suggest I do?

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    You should build your application on the lowest version you want to support.

    [edit: fixed typo SGaist]

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