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How to correctly uninstall Qt from a Mac OS X?

  • I have had problems in using the that comes with my current version of Qt, that is 5.4: the problem seems to be related to the fact that the version of the inside the Qt/5.4 folder does not seem mysteriously to be 5.4, but instead 4.8, and that the following dynamic library libQtDesignerComponents.4.dylib is missing. If you could help, check the following question for more information:

    Now, I would like to install Qt 5.5 to see if this problem goes away, but I would like to know all the steps I need to get rid of my current Qt application.

    Which folders should I delete? Are there symbolic links I should remove?

    I really would like to do a clear complete deletion of the framework to not cause any other linking problems that sometimes arise...

    I think I installed Qt using a normal installer, and it is installed in the home directory ~.

    If you need any other information, just make me know.

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    Just start the MaintenanceTool application and there you have the option to remove everything

  • @SGaist Thanks :)

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