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Qt video widget drops buffers while playing mp4 videos with big image size like 1280x720, 1080x720

  • Hi,
    I have built yocto image with gstreamer1.0 support for QT5.5 form imx6q board from freescale.
    Linux Kernel - 3.10.17
    Platform - EGLFS

    QMLvideo example is able to play any kind of video. but when i try to play video with videowidget then i get a Warning: "A lot of buffers are being dropped." and this occurs only when i try to play mp4 video 1280x720, 1080x720, and when i play video with lesser video image size it plays ok for example video with 360x240.

    Note: videosink used above is qgstvideorenderersink.

    gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:///home/root/mini.mp4 also plays the video succesfully.

    Any help or pointers related to this issue will be helpful!

    Thanks & Regards
    Sriraman Ravi