[SOLVED] QOpenGLTexture method createTextureView. Is maximumMipmapLevel and maximumLayer inclusive?

  • The documentation for the QOpenGLTexture method:

    QOpenGLTexture * QOpenGLTexture::createTextureView(Target target, TextureFormat viewFormat, int minimumMipmapLevel, int maximumMipmapLevel, int minimumLayer, int maximumLayer) const

    Does not state whether maximumMipmapLevel and maximumLayer are inclusive/exclusive. The associated openGL method is:

    void glTextureView(	GLuint texture, GLenum target, GLuint origtexture, GLenum internalformat, GLuint minlevel, GLuint numlevels, GLuint minlayer, GLuint numlayers);

    This is clearer as it allows you to state explicitly the number of layers/mipmaps.

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    Hi, welcome to devnet.

    Yes, they are inclusive i.e Qt's min, max translates to OpenGL's min, max-min+1.

  • Thanks. I would set this as solved but cannot figure out how...

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    @HarryLong said:

    I would set this as solved but cannot figure out how...

    Edit your first message's title to start with [SOLVED].

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