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Android and Qt Purchasing API

  • The Google Play app store allows the Qt app to have In-App Products that can be purchased.

    The In-App product must be defined in the store..example:

    In QML, when a In-App Product is purchased the Qt app receives a onPurchaseSucceeded notification that includes an "identifier" matching the In-App Product definition in the store.

    The In-App Product transaction is pretty straight forward. My question is what type of notification does the Qt app receive when the actual app itself is purchased? The app is not an In-App Product.

    There's nothing in the documentation that specifies what kind of notification is returned when the app itself is purchased.

    So how does one tell in the Qt app if the app has actually been purchased?

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    The Qt Purchase API is currently a commercial only module, you should contact the Qt Company directly about that matter. You can do it from your Qt Account's Support Center.

  • @SGaist

    Yep. Did that. No reply.

    So no one has monetized an Android app using Qt? Really???

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    You might have been caught in the summer holiday period. In any case, there was some talk about the module becoming part of the upcoming 5.6 release.

  • Thx. Good to know.

    It's just very frustrating when you end up having to depend on a "black box" when it comes to something as simple as a purchasing API. End of rant.

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