QTWebEngine final link failed for Qt5.5.0 single archive on ARM iMX6 cross compile.

  • Hi,

    We are trying to build the opensource Qt5.5.0 using single archive and QtWebEngine is failing link (link command is 40.5k characters long :/) with undefined reference errors for qt_gl_global_share_context(), QString::toLower_helper(QString const&), QSGSimpleTextureNode::setSourceRect(QRectF const&), QAccessible::removeActivationObserver(QAccessible::ActivationObserver*) and QAccessible::installActivationObserver(QAccessible::ActivationObserver*). The link command in linking against Qt5Core and Qt5Gui where these are defined. I am using a Gentoo gcc cross compiler 4.8.4. Using a later version of Gentoo gcc cross compiler 4.9.2 I get additional undefined references to std::__throw_out_of_range_fmt(char const*, ...) and these are definitely . Using Qt 5.4.2 i get even more undefined references.

    Since QtWebEngine embeds a chromium object in a Qt and as far as I can tell building chromium has problems building on small memory platforms < 4GB memory, I wondering if I'm hitting such an issue. The link is using the -fuse-ld=gold switch which is what chromium needs to link successfully.

    Has anyone been able to successfully build QtWebEngine from tar ball releases that it has been deployed in.

    Regards, Phill.