• I'm trying to upgrade to Qt 5.4.1 on a platform that was previously using QWS and DirectFB on Qt 4.7. It uses QT_NO_DIRECTFB_WM which allowed Qt to run on a DirectFB platform that doesn't implement the IDirectFBWindow interface. This doesn't seem to exist in Qt 5.4.1. Presumably because Qt 5 uses QPA instead of QWS. The QPA for DirectFB seems to presume that the DirectFB platform implements the IDirectFBWindow interface and doesn't provide anything like QT_NO_DIRECTFB_WM.

    Unless I've missed something here, it seems that I have to add window management to the QPA for DirectFB for my platform. Does anyone have suggestions on the easiest way to go about this? It looks like the LinuxFB QPA might have something I can repurpose.

    Or have I missed something big?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    In order to have a window manager you might want to take a look at the wayland module

    Hope it helps

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