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cross compiling mpg123 on AM335x

  • Dear All,

    I am using the Ti AM335x Sitara board and I want to play the mp3 player via QT using come player. I figured out that we need an mp3 decoder to play the mp3. I have chosen mpg123 as its open source.


    Host PC : ubuntu 14.04
    Target : Ti AM335x Sitara
    SDK : v8
    QT version : 4.8.5 (Already ported on SDK v8)

    Could any one provide me the cross compilation steps to build the mpg123 and I could get the libraries.
    Using these libraries, I could play some mp3.

    Thank you

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    Cross-compiling mpg123 is outside this forum scope. You should rather search for it on the mpg123 related channels. In any case, before cross-compiling it, check that the distribution running on your board doesn't already have that library available.

  • The distribution is linux itself. I am using the SDK v8 from Ti for Sitara EVM board.

    Thank you

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    "Linux itself" is a bit broad. Is it Ubuntu based ? Debian based ? Something completely custom ? Does it use a package manager ?