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multiple target patterns. Stop.

  • Today i just installed qt-enterprise-windows-x86-msvc2013-5.5.0-3
    and i set it up to work on mingw32 compiler.
    When i create QT widget application i keep getting this error

    C:\Users\Lorence30\Documents\build-untitled3-qt_5_5_0_msvc2013_32bit-Debug\Makefile.Debug:130: error: multiple target patterns. Stop.

    before i get that error i got "Missing Separator Error" in the same file
    i had to delete "<<" to fix the first error.

  • Hi and welcome to devnet

    You cannot mix compilers. You should use either MinGW or MSVC2013 compiler. The output is not compatible if you have Qt libs for MSVC2013 and you are compiling with MinGW.

  • Hi koahnig its all working now but i get this warning:

    <dump of C:\QT\Qt5.5.0\5.5\mingw492_32\qml>:1:24: Reading only version 1.1 parts.

    <dump of C:\QT\Qt5.5.0\5.5\mingw492_32\qml>:10:5: Expected only Component and ModuleApi object definitions.