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Visual Studio Add-in only supports one architecture per Qt version?

  • I'm having trouble understanding the logic behind the VS addin Qt version selection.

    "Qt Options" seems to be mixing together two concepts: Qt version (i.e. "5.4") and platform (e.g. "msvc2013_64_opengl").
    The Qt version selection mechanism seems to be designed for the "version" logic, while paths for libraries and dlls seem to be expecting the "architecture" one.

    As a result to make it compile you have to select the inside of the platform subfolder as "Qt version".
    This makes it impossible to build both x64 and win32 versions of the project, because you need different paths for x64 and win32.
    The best I could do to compile both arch is define two Qt versions - one for 32bit and one for 64bit. But I have to switch the version manually when I want to build the other arch.

    Am I missinig something?
    Can I override the LIB and PATH in the project settings of the architectures? I couldn't find how the addin injects the Qt directories globally...

    Is there someone (bug tracker, maintainer) for the addin I could complain to? ;)

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    I can't comment on how the add-in works, it's been years (more than a decade) since I've used it, however here are some useful info:

    You can find the sources of the Qt VS AddIn here and the bug report system is here

    The interest mailing list is where you can find the Qt developers/maintainers.

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