Deployment standalone application on ubuntu

  • Hi, i'm new using qt to create GUI for application write by C++, it has complete, and now i want to create application desktop to run any machine using ubuntu
    I'm use ubuntu 12.04 32bit and Qt creator 3.3ốt.1 base on qt 5.4.1
    I'm vietnamese so my english is not good, can you help me solve problem, I sorry if this problem already exists

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Have a look at the Linux deployment guide

    Not that if you are only targeting Ubuntu then you should also consider creating a deb package so you could use Ubuntu's package manager to install your application.

    Hope it helps

  • @SGaist thanks for reply, i've read above link. now, i have installed through qt source or qt installer ?. i have install through qt installer previous so i remove it ?

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    Sorry, I don't understand your last message

  • @SGaist sorry, So I have to reinstall qt ?, throught qt source ?

  • @Kraken

    No. I did it that way:

    1.) Compile against the system's Qt version on the target machine. (ie. install Qt through apt-get system-wide, then use the system Qt to compile).

    2.) You can use debreate to guide you through the whole process of creating a deb package. At some point you will have to enter your apps dependencies. To find out what these are, you can use dpkg. (don't exactly remember the commands, dpkg -S and dpkg -s, you need to do some research here. Those will show you the exact version your binary depends on). When you distribute your app via deb, the correct dependencies will be installed on the target machine then.

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