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  • Hello folks,

    i was around to gather information about licensing and translate them to "human-language" ;>
    I found this which i considre to be a bundle of all infos core information. Correct? (A)
    For my hypothetic purpose an indie Mobile license would be sufficient, since very very probably my volume of sale would be far away from 100k€ and less than 5 licenses. Is there something else to considre? (B)

    (C) What is the difference to "Commuity" license? When i look at "Rights & Services" they are identical, does it just mean, if i want to sell it, with indie mobile i don´t have to publish my code?

    (D) Are restrictions of modules i´m not allowed to use under Indie Mobile - lets say i do something with the sensors, how do i know if i´m allowed to use this specific QtModule?

    (E) Does "Monthly Subscription." mean, i pay and buy the license new every month or is there another minimum contract period?

    (F) When i look here , what does
    "Deployment rights: Android, iOS, Windows Phone/WinRT on ARM" mean? May i only publish for WinRT devices running on ARM, or does ARM concern all of the devices? How can i make sure, that someone can´t download my App to device based on non-ARM MCU and thereby causing me trouble?

    (G) "Stress-free distribution of your apps to 3rd party app stores"
    Does it mean i can sell my App in any App Store (even my own one) and to any condition of my favor?

    (H) Did i miss something important?

    Thanks for information!!

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    The best way to answer these questions properly is to contact The Qt Company directly. They are the most knowledgeable about that matter.

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