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On which system can be done whole process of developing application in qt for ios/android with bluetooth/http functions

  • I need to write application for iPhone and android phone.
    My goals are:

    • put application into app-store and google- play,
    • Bluetooth communication, cause it would control some devices via blue tooth ( send / get data)
    • http/ socket communication

    [What I think that I know]
    I make some research and I figure out that there is no option to make full development process on windows. It's impossible to create package for app store without xcode which isn't available on windows. Bluetooth for ios which "must be" in me app isn't supported in qt source . The tutorial on the web which I found here is made on os x system. Here I read that I would need to move to os x to develop native part. So for testing, compiling, and using some emulator I propably also need osx.

    So to make whole process of developing, I mean:

    • writing code in c++ and native languages ( jave/xcode),
    • testing it on emulators of iPhone/ Android phone,
    • generating package for android and ios to put it on the stores.
      all this things, without changing platforms, can be done in qt only on os x , not on windows, am I right? Or maybe something change by today because my sources can be outdated ? What I think right now is that the only option for me is using virtual box with os x and qt on it.

    If you have any other ideas/sources/advice to do this, just give me a word, I would be gratefulcause right now I'm lost.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    For the bluetooth side Qt 5.5 is more likely what you are looking for. As for developing on both mobile platform, currently it's indeed mandatory to have an OS X system.

    Virtualbox seems to only support Mac OS X Server (Leopard, Snow Leopard). At least it's what they lists.

    Also note that to be able to test your application on your iPhone/Pad etc. as well as submit it to the App Store, you need to enroll in the iOS developer program

    Hope it helps