EGLFS Platform Performance on Cubieboard2

  • Hi, everyone. I would like to have my application running on an embedded Linux, using Qt 5 and a Cubieboard. I have successfully cross compiled Qt and have a very minimal Linux environment I made using the kernel and drivers provided by the community and a rootfs provided by Linaro. It works, but the animations are very laggy, and it's not a hardware problem, because when I had a full distro running (Cubian), they were very smooth. Back then I had it running EGL on X11. I thought that using a stripped down self-made Linux would make it even faster, but that did not happen. Before running my application, the "free" command reports a memory usage of 8MB. So Qt has plenty of space to work, since I have a total memory of 1GB. I'm assuming I am missing some fine tunning of the system, but I don't know where to start. Could anyone help me?

    Thank you.

    Adding some info for those with the same problem. I've tried updating the GPU driver, as described here. It didn't change much for me. Later, I've disabled the "Framebuffer Console Support" option in my kernel, to get rid of a blinking cursor on the screen's corner, and then I saw some surprising improvement in my animations. I guess there was some competition going on between Qt and the kernel for the framebuffer. I don't know. Well, things aren't still as smooth as I would like, but I would say it's acceptable now.

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