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How to determine which files must be on embedded target

  • We're currently using Qt 5.3.2. When I build it for out embedded platform, a whole slew of stuff is installed into the SYSROOT that doesn't necessarily need to be on our target platform, such as include files.

    How do I know what I can remove from this installation and still have my application work? What files are required for the proper operation of Qt? I see in the output of "configure --help" that there are options for separating different parts of the install, but which parts are necessary to be on the target (some are obvious, others are not, at least to me).

    I know that this depends on what parts of Qt are being used - for example, we're using Widgets, not QML, so the QML plug-ins can probably go.

    Is there perhaps a switch when performing "make install" that will only install the necessary run-time stuff?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    No there's no make install option for that. However based on your application, you can already make a first round of selection based on the modules you are using. If in doubt, you can use ldd (assuming your are running linux) to see what you are currently linking to. As for the plugins, it will also depend on the modules you are using. The platform plugin is mandatory. What are you currently using ?

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