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Cannot compile MySql driver under Windows

  • I read many topics about this problem but cannot solve it. My task is to make application which may be run on old computers under Windows XP. This application must connect to MySQL database. I try follow this instruction:
    But when I enter command "nmake", it interrupts with error:
    "rc" is not recognized as an internal or external command.
    I was seeking file rc.exe, but not found it. How did it come? After all, I downloaded QT Creator and minGW from official sites and make full install. How can I solve my problem?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    nmake is for Visual Studio, if you are using MinGW-32, the you must call mingw32_make

  • @SGaist I'm using standart compiler (MSVC 2010). Where can I find instruction to configuring QT-Creator to work with MinGW-32? And what will be changed in qmake.exe work? Will configuring MinGW-32 affect qmake.exe work?

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    You can't mix compilers like that on Windows, either you use MinGW and the MinGW package or you use Visual Studio and the corresponding Qt package. Even more, you need to match the Qt package and Visual Studio version because the compilers are not compatible one with the other.