Errors Compiling and Using the Hangman QtPurchasing Example for iOS

  • In General Messages Pane...
    Error while parsing file /Developer/SDKs/QtMobile/Examples/QtPurchasing/purchasing/qthangman/ Giving up.

    In the Issues Pane...
    :-1: warning: directory not found for option '-L/work/build/qtsdk/packaging-tools/qt5_package_dir/lib'

    In the QML code file StoreView.qml, the Product is underlined in red and the ! pop-up message is Component Undefined M300 The qml file is what was shipped as the example. It has the "import QtPurchasing 1.0" statement.

    @ // ![0]
    Product {
    id: product100Vowels
    store: iapStore
    type: Product.Consumable
    identifier: "com.digia.qthangman.100vowels"

    What is strange is that even though the Product shows as undefined, the app still runs and produces application output when the Product object is instantiated..

    Product query already pending for com.digia.qthangman.unlockvowels
    Product query already pending for com.digia.qthangman.100vowels
    qml: Product::onCompleted for productUnlockVowels created with status: 1
    qml: Product::onCompleted product100Vowels created with status: 1

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    QtPurchasing is an Enterprise feature. You should rather contact The Qt Company directly using the Support Center from your Qt Account

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