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Including/linking issue

  • Hello!

    I'm using NVIDIA Jetson TK1 OS:Ubuntu, IDE:QtCreator, i'm programming in c++ and i'm also using OpenCV. My goal is to be able to capture pictures with my Basler GigE camera. I downloaded the Basler Pylon SDK for ARM and followed the install instructions. I've also set up the environment variables. After ive done that i ran a sample that came with the SDK and it worked fine. Then i attempted to implement the Pylon libraries into a Qt project, so i could capture frames within my code, but what i get is the following:

    The programmer's guide that came with Pylon tells me to do the following:

    • the $PYLON_ROOT/bin/ shell script sets up the environment *

    I've done that, and checked it using the env command in terminal

    *Add the following include directories in your make file:
    -I"$(PYLON_ROOT)/include" -I"$(PYLON_GENICAM_ROOT)/library/CPP/include"

    Add the following library directories in your make file:
    -L"$(PYLON_ROOT)/lib" -L"$(PYLON_GENICAM_ROOT)/library/CPP/lib/Linux32_i86"*
    NOTE: Linux32_i86 is replaced by Linux32_ARM in my case..

    I'm not quite confident i've done that correctly. I've added the include directories using the INCLUDEPATH+=... in .pro file and i've added the libraries using the LIBS+=...
    in the main.cpp i've added the following lines:
    #include <pylon/PylonIncludes.h>
    using namespace Pylon;
    and in function main:
    Pylon::PylonAutoInitTerm autoInitTerm;

    I should say that i'm quite new to all this, so excuse me if it's a dumb question but i cant seem to get past it without any help :)

    Thank you in advance

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should use

    LIBS += -lopencv_core \
        -lopencv_XXX \

    here it's a lowercase L, uppercase L is more adding additional search paths for the linker and lowercase L is for telling the linker which lib it should use.

    From your errors in looks like you are not linking to the genicam libraries

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