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"QtBluetooth" plugin "declarative_bluetooth" not found

  • Hi!
    I'm starting to work with the Qt project, so this is my first application for android. I'm trying to use connection via bluetooth, but without success. Always appears the same error:

    W / Qt (12226): QML \ qqmlapplicationengine.cpp: 133 (void QQmlApplicationEnginePrivate :: _ q_finishLoad (QObject *)): QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
    W / Qt (12226): QML \ qqmlapplicationengine.cpp: 134 (void QQmlApplicationEnginePrivate :: _ q_finishLoad (QObject *)): qrc: /main.qml: 3 module "QtBluetooth" plugin "declarative_bluetooth" not found
    W / Qt (12226):

    someone who has seen this error?

    Thank you. :)

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Might sound silly but did you add

    QT += bluetooth

    to your pro file ?

  • yes, I have: "import QtBluetooth 5.3"..

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    That's QML, what about the pro file setup ?

  • @SGaist

    sorry, I understood wrong the question.. on my pro file I have:

    QT += bluetooth
    SOURCES += main.cpp

    TARGET = CityBike
    TEMPLATE = app

    RESOURCES += qml.qrc

    OTHER_FILES +=ligar.qml main.qml

    now, the error is only:

    W/Qt (28276): qrc:/ligar.qml:3 ((null)): qrc:/ligar.qml:3:1: module "QtBluetooth" plugin "declarative_bluetooth" not found


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Just thought of something: aren't you using the wrong import version ?

    From Qt's doc it should be 5.2 currently

  • @SGaist

    Hi, sorry for the delay, but I have already managed to solve the problem. Basically I uninstalled and went back to install QT. I think the error would be any files that the program couldn't find, maybe I have deleted or changed the directory unconscious. Now I have other problems to solve, but I hope to resolve alone for first step. :)

    Thanks for the help. :)

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